Saturday, December 1, 2007

DOTA Noob Guide

Well this is a simple guide for beginners, especially for those who have hopped on to the DOTA wagon without even playing through the actualy WC3 campaign. Will update it when I have the time. If you guys need any info or want to suggest any modifications to the guide , feel free to PM me and I'll edit the post when I have the time.

What is DOTA?

DOTA stands for 'Defense of the Ancients' which is a custom map for Warcraft 3.
Players are split into 2 sides. Each with 6 players, 5 of which are human controlled and 1 AI controlled. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opposition Tree of Life or Frozen Throne. You choose from a list of heroes and battle it out for victory.

What are heroes?
A hero is the ‘avatar’ of your choice in the game. In other words, the character you choose to play. Heroes can gain levels by gaining experience (exp) from killing creeps or heroes, up to a maximum of 25 levels. Upon levelling up, a hero gains a skill point to ‘invest’. Every hero has 3 normal skills up to 4 levels, 1 ultimate skill up to 3 levels and 10 levels of stats. Heroes have 3 stats: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Heroes may carry up to six items.

What are items?

Items boost the stats of your hero or give them special abilities. Items can be bought from shops in your base and a secret shop. Certain higher level items created just by possessing some specific ones. Some higher level items require a recipe to create. NOTE: THERE IS NO WOOD IN THE GAME. You don't have to find wood to make the higher level items. They will automatically form when you have the necessary ingredients.


Relax. Your hero will spawn back after some time at your base. Just look at the hero scores at the top right hand side of the screen to see when your hero will come back. The higher the level, the longer he takes so spawn. If you can't wait and you want your hero back immediately, you can buy back your hero from the tavern at a cost.

Explanation of game basics.

1.Game Modes

These Commands are to be typed by the blue player in the first few seconds of the game.

AP - All Pick
AR - All Random
SC - Super Creep
ID - Item Drop
SM - Short Match (Players earn more gold and towers have less hp)


Each point in strength gives…
- 19hp
- Increased hp regeneration (About 0.03)
- Additional 1 damage (Strength Heroes)

Each point in agility gives
- 1% increased attack speed
- 7 points of agility gives 1 point in armour
- Additional 1 damage (Agility Heroes)

Each point in intelligence gives
- 13 mana
- Increased mana regeneration (About 0.04)
- Additional 1 damage (Intel Heroes)

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